Our History

Incan Monkey God Studios began as the Publications Department for Origin Systems, over twenty-five years ago, in 1991. There we created the documentation and strategy guides for all of Origin’s games, including Ultima, Wing Commander and the Jane’s series of flight simulations. Within a few years, we were branching out to cover other games in Electronic Arts’ wide range of products. In 1997, the entire department left Origin to form IMGS, Inc. Over the past twenty years, we have become well recognized as the premium packager of strategy guides and manuals, for games designed across the U.S. and around the world.

While with Origin, IMGS was intimately involved in launching Ultima Online, the first commercial massive online game. We pioneered the concept of massive player input in a strategy guide with our first EverQuest guide, for The Ruins of Kunark. Since that time, we have created strategy guides for many of the most well known massive online games, including EverQuest I & II, Anarchy Online, Asheron’s Call I & II, Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies, Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe Online.

We continue to provide the same game guides and documentation we always have, but now we’re independent contractors, and that means the services of our creative and experienced team of publishing professionals are available to you!

Our Name

And just what IS an Incan monkey god, you ask? What being has fostered our devotion? The force of which we speak emanated deep from within a delirious mind, when one of our own fell into the dreaded Stupor of Wordlessness. Finally, haggard and uninspired, he sought out ethereal counseling. With the help of the Incan Monkey God, he emerged victorious, manuscript in hand.

Imagine a cartoon below…

Panel 1

Dilbert greets Tim and comments on his haggard appearance.

Tim comments that he hasn’t slept for five days because he’s been trying to finish a manuscript.

Panel 2

Here, Tim confides that he overcame his mental block with the help of the Incan monkey god.

Panel 3

Lucky break, says Dilbert.

Now, says Tim, he has to translate the resulting material into something legible.

The above text summarizes the Dilbert cartoon that led to the name for Incan Monkey God Studios. Sadly, for legal reasons, we do not have permission to display the strip here. If you want to see the original strip, click here.

We are not actually aware that the Incans had any monkey gods; the only monkey god we’ve ever heard of was first imagined by Dilbert’s creator, Scott Adams. However, we certainly relate to Tim when we’re up against a deadline, especially at those times when the material has to be written before the game code we’re describing has been created.